The Sword…Mightier Than the Pen?

Source: Satori Sansa

The Sword…Mightier Than the Pen?

“The Pen is mightier than the Sword” is an old and, believed by some, to be an obsolete saying that may no longer be true in a world where machines have taken over the world.

A recent study has shown that, in a threat of apocalyptic proportions, the sword has made a steady resurgence in the hands of many former pen owners, including even prominent established writers, sports journalists and teachers.

“The symbol of the Sword means, ‘Warrior, spirit’” according to one person who is teaching our new generation of youth. “Words are just ‘Sword’ if you move this ‘s'” says this established writer and teacher.

Keyboards have taken over where pens were once relied upon. And with the threat of once-believed mythical figures such as zombies, vampires and artificial intelligence machines taking form in the minds of many, several people now have a difficult time separating reality with the realistically-created virtual world we have created in this digital age.

Needless to say, swords are now in higher demand than ever before in history.
In fact, the ever-increasing demand has pushed major pen manufacturers to propose mergers with sword-making specialists worldwide.

So unless you are a trained movie actor like Mason Dourne (who can use a pen in choreographed combat), get in line. Maybe it’s movies, TV series, or just the over-reliance of our lives in digital media and virtual reality. One fact remains:

The Sword is making a comeback.

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